Your photographer, hype girl, and biggest fan! I am a passionate photographer based in Houston, Texas and Sam Houston State University Alumni (Eat 'Em Up Kats). With an unwavering love for capturing moments and telling your stories through my lens, I have established myself as a talented artist with a unique creative vision. 

From a young age, my fascination with photography was sparked by the beauty of the world and those around me. With each photo taken, I realized the power of freezing time and preserving memories for many years to come. 

My dedication to photography goes beyond capturing beautiful images. I always strive to create a comfortable and relaxed environment for my clients, understanding that genuine moments are best captured when people feel at ease. I am always open to new ideas and collaborations that will allow me to create beautiful photographs. 

With my work featured in numerous exhibitions and publications, I have garnered recognition for my artistic contributions to the photography industry. I continuously seek to push the boundaries of my creativity, embracing new techniques and technologies to become a better version of myself every day!

I'm Hannah!

Your Local Professional Photographer in Houston


Photographer Fun Facts

- Fall! I love everything about it, especially the weather!

-Summer Moon is my favorite coffee shop.
I usually order a Blue Moon with Oat Milk. If I make coffee at home, it's a dark roast coffee with almond or oat milk and lavender syrup.

-Country music is my favorite! Specifically Classic Country
(90's & before) & Texas Country Music.

-Bonneville Salt Flats
-The Grand Canyon
-Glacier National Park
-Prada Marfa
-Saguaro National Park
(Just to name a few!)

Favorite Season?

Go-to Coffee Order & Coffee Shop?

Favorite type of Music?

Photoshoot Bucket List?

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